& Concierge services

& Concierge services

Marketing activities

Marketing activities

Assistance and support services

Assistance and support services


Event is one of the marketing tools that is necessarily connected with a precisely given time, specific location and with physical participation of people as well. We can fill this time and use it not only with maximum efficiency, but also with an effect – with effective budget and with the maximal effective use of all resources, but also with an effective program! The result is unique and unforgettable moment that will be remembered not only by the guests themselves, but by our clients as well.

Frequently organized events:

  • Hybrid / virtual conferences

  • Congresses, conferences and seminars

  • Weddings and private celebrations

  • Company and social parties

  • Gala diners, banquets and degustations

  • Sales promotion, roadshow and grand openings

  • Teambuildings

Brand & digital

Design, tonality of speech and image, method of communication and appropriately chosen tools. That is only a partial list of activities that every service, every product and every company needs for successful visibility. We have marketing in our blood and if you need to revive your business, our expert team will take care of the complete strategy and digital campaign.

Frequently used services:

  • Brand marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Promotion on social media

  • Advertisement

  • Market research for customer marketing

BTL marketing

BTL, or ‘Below The Line Marketing’, is segment which communicates with people through real experience. It speaks to individuals and companies in direct contact. Direct contact, however, is usually lagged behind and it stagnates. Nevertheless, we will not let this happen. We are able to read your BTL wishes and effectively realize them at the same time. Only thing you need to do is to express your needs in this segment, to whom it should be directed, and we will happily take care of the rest. The result will arrive before you say ‘benefit’.

What we can secure:

  • Preparation of a meeting – location search, documents preparation and distribution

  • Client’s survey

  • Proposal, assemble and distribution of gift packages

  • Motivational competitions

  • Promo of your events

Video and photo production

An image can say more than a thousand words. And what about a video full of images, sounds and voices. We can take care of the complete photo and video production, whether a product one, event one or completely private one. We will take photos for catalogue, shoot an advertisement, or record the event according to your wish. With maximum care and attention for detail.

Frequently used services:

  • Recording of the event for customers

  • Product video, photo and audio recording

  • Advertising spot

  • Videoclip

  • Catalogues, podcasts

More about us

Concierge is a well-tuned service originally sounded in hotel business. However, we transferred this genre to everyday life and thus created a brand-new genre. We started working on the song with the principles of Concierge Management, which are reflected in everything we do. Precision, maximum focus on the listener and their desires, and tireless pursuit of perfection. Concierge Management, its vision, composition and daily life were born. Come and listen to us.

We orchestrate our performances to clients completely. We will only receive notes from you and we will assign them the right stylization, performers, frontman and budget, as extensive as the final composition will be.

You know the costs of studying your required score in advance. No one plays solo violin unnecessarily.

We feel the composer’s intention and choose the right group of artists and professionals for him so that we can play the best together.