& Concierge services

& Concierge services

Marketing activities

Marketing activities

Assistance and support services

Assistance and support services


Sometimes, every one of us finds themselves in a situation that troubles us and that is when EAP (Employee Assistance Program) comes into the game.

EAP is a program fitted for you and your employees. Thanks to this program you can support your employees in complicated situations and help them with solving their troubles in a psychological, financial and legal field. Thus, you can eliminate the negative impact of these situations on your employees’ work performance, their health and pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

The benefit EAP program for employees provided by the employer is anonymous.

What will the program bring to your company? 

  • Long-term quality care of employees

  • Positive impact on work activities of employees

  • Increase of work performance of a satisfied employee

  • Freer hands for standard and project activities of HR

  • Saving of costs related with fluctuation of employees

  • Range of services according to company needs

  • Great benefit for your employees

  • Increasing prestige of your company

Product propagation

We bring you effective marketing solutions in synergy with logistics. Each product (brand) can be unique and it deserves its own propagation. We will be happy to take over this task. We will differentiate the product from other competition with personal propagation and we will bring it closer to the focus group of costumers. We will pack the products effectively and thematically and we will deliver them to salespersons, distributors and influencers, who will thus gain direct contact with the products and they will try it at first hand.

We always pack with regards to the environment. 

  • We will pack your products thematically

  • We will support the sale of your products with additional gifts

  • We will process and create graphic data with the possibility of printing, which will convey the content of


  • Completion, packing and storing

  • Delivery at a specific time to a given place

  • Reporting of delivered dispatches, handling of complaints

BPO – Business process outsourcing

The wider the scope, the more and more complicated the processes await the company. These are necessary, important, but unfortunately very often binding acts, which are almost impossible to avoid. But only almost. We can take the processing of necessary but limiting tasks on our shoulders. BPO systems are a globally functional model, where entire companies transfer administrative responsibility to companies that directly deal with it. And that company is us.

What can we arrange?

  • Filling and maintenance of digital content databases

  • Processing large files and sorting information

  • Ensuring the purchase of goods

  • Solutions for registration for corporate events and their management

  • Sending a shipment abroad

  • Registration and billing of employee benefits of the Multisport type

  • Tickets for hard-to-reach events

Reinvoicing and expense management

Cash flow, order turnover, orders, proforma invoices. To many, these words sound like black magic. We at Concierge Management have a great understanding of this perception thanks to years of experience in international trade and service delivery. That is why we have created an independent division that can simulate a confident partner for large companies and corporations, who can take on the responsibilities associated with financial administration. We will become a staff department for you, which will take care of demanding tasks related to financial flows. 

ICT services

Our long journey and long-term relationships with clients have embarked us on board IT service. We have a whole range of solutions, systems and related professionals who understand networks, data centres, licences and hardware configuration so that it will only be a useful helper, not just a difficult henchman.

What can you gain from our cooperation?

  • we will take care of all computers in your company

  • personal approach – accessible contact centre with empathetic colleagues, ready to always advise,

    technicians with a human approach

  • regular inspection of HW and network status, data backup, software service, consulting and solution of

    individual problems with a technician just for you

  • insight into automatization, digitization and its possibilities for you

In addition to the above, we offer many other support activities,
try to tell us your idea and we will meet your needs. 

More about us

Concierge is a well-tuned service originally sounded in hotel business. However, we transferred this genre to everyday life and thus created a brand-new genre. We started working on the song with the principles of Concierge Management, which are reflected in everything we do. Precision, maximum focus on the listener and their desires, and tireless pursuit of perfection. Concierge Management, its vision, composition and daily life were born. Come and listen to us.

We orchestrate our performances to clients completely. We will only receive notes from you and we will assign them the right stylization, performers, frontman and budget, as extensive as the final composition will be.

You know the costs of studying your required score in advance. No one plays solo violin unnecessarily.

We feel the composer’s intention and choose the right group of artists and professionals for him so that we can play the best together.