Improve the quality of your employees' life.


EAP is designed to help employees discreetly address personal issues that may negatively affect their performance and the work team. Usually, the employees are embarrassed or afraid to address these issues in the workplace.

It is a two-sided company benefit with advantages for employees and employers.

Counselling Service

A comprehensive counselling service by qualified experts in the fields of psychological, social, legal and financial. Employees use the services free of charge as part of health benefits paid by the employer.

Employee support

A satisfied and motivated employee is the fundamental pillar of every company. With sufficient care, the fluctuation of employees is also reduced, thus your costs of finding and training new ones.


Our experts are available on various platforms – phone, email, chat. Employee anonymity is fully guaranteed.

Promotional materials

A quality internal campaign of this service leads to even better results. We will provide you with promotional materials for all your internal channels.


You will be receiving reports on a regular basis. This will give you a better overview of the use of this service. Based on this overview, we will be happy to discuss our service settings with you at any time.

You are number one

We continuously adapt the service to your specific requirements and needs.


Our Employee Assistance Program is a unique health benefit that cares about your employees’ mental health and satisfaction. This helps to prevent various health problems. With us, employees get support in multiple vital areas essential for a satisfied working and personal life.


  • complex workplace relationships
  • difficult life situations, such as divorce, separation, or death in the family
  • partnership and educational problems
  • stress management, prevention of burnout syndrome
  • personal problems, health problems
  • use of addictive substances, eating disorders


  • civil, family, administrative and commercial law
  • help with divorce proceedings
  • revision of rental contracts
  • entrusting children to care, alternate care
  • help in solving a will, inheritance and others
  • solving complaints and claims


  • increase in energy billing connected with rising prices on the market
  • consulting in the field of state benefits
  • child benefits
  • help in solving family budgets
  • difficult social circumstances
  • care for children, older people, the disabled


  • education in financial literacy
  • advice on execution, insolvency
  • debt counseling
  • advice on loan consolidation
  • help in a difficult economic situation
  • counselling in case of inability to pay


EAP is a program specially developed to help employees solve personal problems that can negatively affect their performance and the work team. Therefore, our service improves workplace relations and company culture. Join the ranks of employers who offer their employees a benefit that makes more sense. Not only do you support your employees and provide them with better care, but you also invest in your business.


  • higher employee productivity
  • prevention of problems at the workplace
  • reduction of fluctuation
  • reducing costs and saving human resources
  • reduction of stress among employees
  • prevention of burnout syndrome
  • better atmosphere in the workplace
  • reducing the rate of accidents due to lack of concentration


  • hearing problems and supporting the employee
  • professional help free of charge
  • a real guide to solving work and personal difficulties
  • anonymity guaranteed
  • direct access to professional care in the given areas
  • better company culture
  • simplicity and availability of the service
  • feeling cared for and appreciated by the employer



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We are also members of EAPA (International Employee Assistance Professionals Association), the largest association of EAP professionals in the world.