About us

We deal with your office formalities: helping you understand the laws and regulations, purchasing of goods and services, selection of high-quality and reliable suppliers, keeping track of due invoices, rent payments, phone bills. Taking care of these things yourself means spending your time and money! We manage services, coordinate and monitor operations from a single contact point.

We strive to understand your needs to tailor our services according to your expectations.

Concierge Management s.r.o.:
  1. The company was founded in 2010 by a team of people rich in marketing experience and with expertise in providing services to foreign and local clients, companies and corporations.
  2. We have quickly become a top provider of premium and VIP services, operating as a "service provider" for individual and specific requirements. We listen to current and potential customers and identify their needs. Our individual approach is based on our professionalism , expertise and willingness to provide the perfect tailored solution for each client.
  3. We offer a broad and high-quality portfolio of services with the focus on client satisfaction. For the client’s convenience all services are provided from one contact point. The client’s requests, orders, invoices, possible claims are altogether easily handled by our company.